Help for Binge Eating Disorder (BED) in South Africa

What is Binge Eating Disorder (BED)?

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is commonly known by compulsive overeating or consuming abnormal amounts of food while feeling unable to stop and at loss of control. Binge eating episodes are typically classified as occurring on average a minimum of twice per week for duration of six months.

Binge eating disorder is characterised by:

  • Frequent episodes of binge eating involving the consumption of a large amount of food in a short period of time. Binge episodes will be accompanied by a loss of control over eating and the inability to stop the binge
  • A range of identifiable eating habits, including eating very quickly, eating without being hungry and continuing to eat to discomfort when already full
  • Feelings of guilt and shame about the amount of food consumed during a binge episode and the way it has been eaten. Binge eating often occurs at times of stress, anger, boredom or distress, and at these times may be a means of coping with challenging emotions
  • Secretive behaviours around food. Because of their feelings around food, people with binge eating disorder are often very secretive about their eating habits and choose to eat alone

Eating disorders affect millions of people worldwide. More common than most people think, these disorders are progressive and display the same characteristics as any other addiction whereby the sufferer is trapped in a helpless cycle of obsessive and compulsive behaviour, unable to break free of the need to escape their feelings of obsessive control.

How can Imani help your binge eating disorder treatment?

Imani Specialised care for Eating Disorders offers a full continuum of care necessary to complete the recovery process. While the behaviours differ, the underlying feelings of desperation, powerlessness and suffering are universal. At Imani treatment facility in Cape Town, South Africa we firstly deal with the clients destructive behaviours surrounding their illness and then guide them in processing the reasons for this behaviour. We work through a therapeutic community where individuals are part of a group with similar struggles. Through mutual support and shared experience, a healing atmosphere permeates the facility even outside structured therapy sessions.

Our programme includes:

  • Schema Therapy based eating disorder interventions
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Individualised counselling
  • Individual and group nutritional counselling and guidance
  • Focus groups
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Creative Expression
  • Eating disorder support groups
  • Interpersonal groups
  • Trauma focused work
  • Step work groups
  • Life skills and relapse prevention

If you, a family member or friend are suffering from binge eating disorder or want to know more about Binge Eating Disorder Treatment in South Africa contact us today!