The Programme

Treatment Programme

Imani offers a full continuum of care necessary to complete the recovery process. While the behaviours differ, the underlying feelings of desperation, powerlessness and suffering are universal.

At Imani we firstly deal with the clients destructive behaviours surrounding their illness and then guide them in processing the reasons for this behaviour. We work through a therapeutic community where individuals are part of a group with similar struggles. Through mutual support and shared experience, a healing atmosphere permeates the facility even outside structured therapy sessions.

Listed is information, which we hope you will find useful and informative when utilising the services of Imani Recovery Services.

Aim of the eating disorder unit

  • Each client will have an individualised treatment plan dealing with their eating disorder
  • We will ensure each client’s safety and restoration of both physical, mental and emotional health.
  • We will encourage family restoration through both providing understanding of the illness and family therapy
  • We will be supportive of each family member who is part of our client’s recovery process

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Treatment at Imani is tailored to individual needs, therefore the treatment of eating disorders can take 4 weeks to 6 months depending on what is required. We aim to restore our clients to a place of self acceptance and self worth where he or she can pursue a rich and rewarding life, free of fear or despair.

Our skilled treatment team helps individuals suffering from eating disorders understand the complex factors that have contributed to the advent of their eating disorders. These include certain personality traits, a genetic predisposition, trauma, and such environmental factors as media influence, peer pressure and family dynamics.

Melanie Harris and Julia Lovely, eating disorder experts work with each client in developing a healthy understanding of eating disorders and the behaviours that follow as well as complementary treatments with trusted professionals from our network of experts. Nutritional counselling from our registered dietician is extremely beneficial. With eating disorders the food has been used in an unhealthy and destructive fashion, with the perception of food, nutrition, serving size, hunger and satiety being distorted by months and years in the disorder.

The support and information, combined with the containment and tools to deal more effectively with stress, feelings and relationships, empowers our clients to take steps toward health and healing.

Key elements of our holistic programme include:

  • Schema Therapy based eating disorder interventions
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Individual counselling
  • Individual and group nutritional counselling and guidance
  • Step work groups
  • Focus groups
  • Eating disorder support groups
  • Family programme
  • Monitored exercise including yoga
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Life skills groups
  • Spirituality including meditation and mindfulness
  • Creative Expression
  • Volunteer Work
  • Attendance of 12 Step Fellowship Meetings
  • Relapse Prevention, discharge planning and aftercare
  • Art therapy
  • Play therapy
  • Trauma debriefing

To engage, embrace and enjoy life are the three gifts of recovery which we wish to impart to each client who enters Imani.