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Many people associate the words “eating disorder” with a very specific type of person – someone young, female and obsessed with society’s standards of perfection. Eating disorder sufferers are believed to prioritise the ideal job, grades and weight above meaningful relationships or anything else in life.

'At Imani I was introduced to a loving and sustainable way of eating.'

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Our compassionate, professional team provides stabilisation, support and structure to individuals so that they can understand, identify and stop their destructive behaviours.

This type of person is certainly one face of eating disorders, but there are many others. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that this illness can affect anyone, from any walk of life. When these thinking patterns and behaviours begin to dominate an individual’s daily functioning, they affect their physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.

The sense of desolation, isolation and emptiness becomes pervasive. Imagining an existence that is not centred around the disordered beliefs and actions usually becomes impossible. But with determination and commitment, along with support from a caring and professional team, such an existence is possible.

Imani aims to help unpack and process past events, and to develop healthier strategies and responses to life today. Ultimately, experience has shown us that with hard work healing is possible for the sufferer and their loved ones. This is what we do and what we want for all of our clients – to learn how to engage with life, embracing its lessons and enjoying its gifts.

Services offered

Inpatient care

Inpatient care is our most intensive form of treatment. Clients who are starting their journey towards healing from Anorexia, Bulimia, Orthorexia and other life-threatening eating disorders can benefit from inpatient care. Those who are further in their recovery but are experiencing difficulties and need assistance getting back on track also do well in this setting.

The inpatient programme at Imani uses a number of proven methods to help clients learn to deal with whatever psychological issues might be influencing their eating disorder. These factors include low self-esteem, cravings, faulty problem-solving and difficulties in coping with anger, rejection and other feelings.

Our compassionate, professional team provides stabilisation, support and structure to individuals so that they can understand, identify and stop their destructive behaviours. We provide stabilisation by interrupting cycles of unhealthy eating patterns and ensuring correct nutrition to decrease eating disorder symptoms.

Imani’s nurturing community environment allows our clients to engage in a recovery process alongside others who are battling the same illness. They are able to give and receive support from their peers. Finally, by providing structured days and a plan for continued treatment after inpatient care, we help clients continue to grow in their recovery.

Outpatient care

After being open for more than a decade, we’ve seen how well clients respond to our intensive outpatient programme. Fully comprehensive, individualised plans are developed for each of our clients, using a variety of therapies. The treatments include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and family therapy, among others.

Our outpatient programme is as multifaceted as our inpatient care, with the same emphasis on a holistic treatment approach. We liaise with general medical practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists and other relevant professionals as far as possible, just as we do with our inpatient clients. This allows us to collaborate with all members of your treatment team, giving you the expert support you need to achieve and sustain recovery.

Reintegration care

The objective of going into treatment for an eating disorder is to begin to deal with the illness. Recovery is a lifelong journey, with many gifts along the way, and the work continues once an individual has left treatment. Our goal is to help clients to continue healing and improving their lives when they resume their daily lives. To achieve this, we offer a final level of treatment known as reintegration care.

Individuals are able to get back into their normal activities, while also prioritising their mental, spiritual and physical health. Looking after your own wellbeing is vital in early recovery, and by working on relapse prevention plans, offering outpatient counselling, support groups and providing aftercare check-ins, our team can help you to do just that.

Reintegration care is also very helpful for anyone given a Dual Diagnosis, of an eating disorder along with other concurrent conditions such as depression or addiction. Such clients are often treatment-resistant, and by engaging them in a process of change (rather than confronting them about their illness), Imani’s team is able to achieve great success. Those with Dual Diagnoses are able to address the most serious root causes of their illness, in a safe and comfortable setting, at their own pace.

Support groups

Imani believes that support groups are a final key component in the structure of strong, successful healing from an eating disorder. These are invaluable resources to anyone working on their recovery, whether or not they are currently in treatment. Peer-led twelve-step fellowships and support groups facilitated by professional counsellors are both available to clients in Imani.

Each of the groups offer a different perspective on the daily battles that eating disorder sufferers endure, showing them that they are not alone. By celebrating their own and others’ successes, and sharing difficulties in the same way, individuals develop deep connections and more resilience.

The structure of strong, successful healing
A different perspective on the daily battles

The programme

Imani offers a full continuum of care to facilitate the recovery process. While eating disordered behaviours differ, the underlying feelings of desperation, powerlessness and suffering are universal.

Because treatment at Imani is tailored to individual needs, it can take anywhere from 4 weeks to months depending on what is required. We aim to restore our clients to a place of self-acceptance and self-worth where he or she can pursue a rich and rewarding life, free of fear or despair.

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'When I found myself at Imani’s front door, bag in hand, I was broken and truly desperate for help. I was met with love, compassion and understanding.'

“Every eating disorder sufferer deserves to find recovery. Let us light the way.”