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We are recognised experts in the treatment of eating disorders

Welcome to Imani

38 Alexandra Road, Upper Wynberg, Cape Town, South Africa

Imani offers a full continuum of care for eating disorder recovery. Each level of care utilizes a multidisciplinary approach with individualized treatment plans that address the medical, psychological, nutritional, and interpersonal needs of each client.

We use a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, nursing staff, dieticians, counsellors and recovery assistants.

We restore the future of those suffering from eating disorders

We are recognised experts in the field for the treatment of dual-diagnosed clients where effective treatment of both the eating disorders and any co-existing psychiatric disorders are treated simultaneously in order to restore the individual client back to full health.

Our eating disorder treatment programme includes support and care for those in recovery from eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, compulsive over-eating and other related disorders.

Our comfortable, home-like environment is ideal for those seeking recovery.

At Imani, anorexics, bulimics and compulsive over-eaters benefit from the mutual support of others who are overcoming similar disorders. Our clients live together in a home-like environment that attracts local and international clients. We teach our clients to love, trust and believe in themselves.


How we can help

Contrary to common misconceptions, eating disorders are more than a reaction to societal pressures on women to conform to a fashionable waistline. These pervasive conditions are, in fact, emotional, physical and even spiritual maladies that leave the individual feeling empty, alone and desolate in all aspects of life.

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Our Location

Imani Treatment
38 Alexandra Road, Wynberg, South Africa
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