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About Imani

Deep in the heart of beautiful Wynberg, a suburb in Cape Town, South Africa, sits our world-renowned, innovative treatment centre for adults dealing with eating disorders. With many years of combined experience, our expert team is able to offer individualised treatment, no matter where clients are on their roads to recovery.

Our holistic approach incorporates group and one-on-one sessions with a range of professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists and dieticians. We firmly believe in treating all aspects of an individual, including cooccurring physical, mental and psychological conditions, and in supporting their reintegration into family and society.

Imani is the Swahili word for “faith”, and this is the foundation for all our values and practices. We have faith that our clients really can get better and live fulfilling lives, as long as they are prepared to work at their own recovery. And we have faith that we can help them to do just that. Read more...

Imani Treatment offers unparalleled treatment for eating disorders of all kinds, with and without co-occurring diagnoses, through a unique programme and approach.

What are the different types of treatment?

How do I know if I have an Eating Disorder?

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What we offer

Imani offers a combination of therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy, Tension and Trauma Release Exercises, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Biodanza. These complement our group and individual counselling sessions, nutritional assistance, psychiatry and other mainstream treatments. Our experienced, compassionate and dedicated team provides 24-hour care, to help adults afflicted with eating disorders along their individual healing journeys.

Although eating disorders come in many variations, there are commonalities within the pain and suffering of all of them. With that in mind, we make it a top priority to foster a sense of community. Volunteering, fellowship meetings and support groups are all included in our weekly schedule. We also dedicate time to quality activities involving all Imani residents. This feeling of belonging helps people realise and remember that others have faith in their recovery, even at the moments when they feel that they don’t have much in themselves.

What we offer

Success stories

No one ever said that recovering from an eating disorder was easy, but everyone who has done it successfully says that it’s worth it. Our past clients share their stories of experience, strength and hope as they walk the challenging road of eating disorder recovery. Each individual’s account is unique, but there are similarities too.

The main thing that these testimonials have in common is that they show that healing from an eating disorder is possible, regardless of your background or co-occurring conditions. If you’re prepared to work hard, Imani can help you to find your own voice in recovery – just as the people in these stories have.

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The gifts of recovery from eating disorders

engage, embrace and enjoy life
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'Being at Imani gave me a safe space to begin fully dealing with the underlying issues of my addiction and eating disorder.'

What should I expect when coming to treatment?

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    “You can go so much further if you love yourself than if you hate yourself.”