Why do so many people seek treatment for Eating Disorders in South Africa? – updated

South Africa, and Cape Town, in particular, has become a hub for treatment and recovery of most different types of addiction. People travel from around the world to begin their healing journeys here. This is as true for sufferers of eating disorders as it is for any other addicts. But why exactly has Cape Town become the world capital for recovery from Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge-eating Disorder (BED)? There are several reasons.

Cost of treatment is relatively low

For international clients, treatment in South Africa is usually much more affordable than treatment in their own countries. In part, this is due to the weakened state of the South African Rand. The exchange rate is very favourable for Euros, United States Dollar, and British Pounds, with no compromise in treatment quality. Individuals who wouldn’t be able to enter an eating disorder (ED) facility at home, can afford to do so here.

The experience and expertise in South Africa is incredible

Since the country became such a well-known treatment option for all addicts seeking help, the professional community has also grown. A number of psychologists, psychiatrists, dieticians and other experts with a special interest in eating disorders, call South Africa home. In addition to these mainstream healthcare providers, SA also boasts a large network of auxiliary practitioners. These include Biodanza and yoga instructors, which help individuals reconnect to their bodies.

South Africa’s experienced professionals also recognise the importance of holistic recovery. They go beyond providing counselling to look at past trauma and deal with current issues. Vital as these are eating disorder treatment, clients also benefit from art therapy, volunteer work and other complementary activities. The collective years of expertise give you the best chance at well-rounded and sustained healing from an active eating disorder.

A phenomenal network of support and fellowship has developed in Cape Town

Because so many people flock to Cape Town for treatment, a huge recovery community has developed here. Connecting with others who suffer from Binge-eating disorder, Anorexia, Bulimia or any other ED is invaluable. They can relate to what you are going through in a way that non-sufferers simply can’t. Talking with others who have experienced the same issues helps you see that you are not alone.

When you hear from someone else who has managed to overcome eating disorder challenges, you see that it is possible. The network provides hope, inspiration and connection for all who are part of it. Clients from around the world say they’ve experienced nothing else like it. With more people coming to Cape Town for treatment and staying here or returning home in recovery, it continues expanding. And it’s sure to keep going from strength to strength.

Why should Imani be your South African treatment centre of choice?

If you or a loved one decide to seek eating disorder rehabilitation in South Africa, why should you choose Imani? You may already have heard of our strong reputation, but be unsure of what exactly sets us apart. Our holistic approach supports our clients’ recovery from these devastating illness in every possible way. The expert professionals on our team provide, among other treatment nutritional counselling, meal support, individual and group therapy, and psychiatric or additional medical care.

We also strongly encourage our clients to connect with Cape Town’s incredible recovery community, through meetings and other fellowshipping. Several meetings happen in the city on a regular basis and provide incredible support on individuals’ healing journey. And with our expertise in dual diagnoses, we are uniquely equipped to help you deal with any concomitant health issues. Walking this path is not easy, but we’ll be beside you every step of the way.