Our Services

Different levels of care

One of Imani’s main goals has always been to ensure that eating disorder treatment is accessible to all those seeking help. With this in mind, we offer specialised care at different levels so that we can provide both short-term and long-term interventions.

Our staff is made up of psychiatric specialists as well as professionals with years of experience in the rehabilitation field. The programmes that treat binge-eating disorder, anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS and other eating disorders are unique and feature rich evidence-based treatment designed to enrich the body and the mind.

“I was desperate. My family was desperate. I needed therapy rather than simply re-feeds.”Kath W

Inpatient Care

Our inpatient programme aims at providing clients with a safe and supportive environment in which they can begin their journey towards healing from anorexia, bulimia and other life-threatening eating disorders.

The intensive treatment uses a number of proven methods to help clients learn to deal with whatever psychological issues are influencing their eating disorder. These factors include low self-esteem, faulty problem solving, cravings and difficulties in coping with feelings.

We provide stabilisation, support and structure in helping individuals understand, identify and stop their destructive patterns of behaviour:

  • Stabilisation: We work to decrease eating disorder symptoms by interrupting the cycle of unhealthy eating patterns. The correct nutritional intake so vital to recovery is ensured through meal planning and professional guidance.
  • Support: The nurturing community environment at Imani allows our clients to begin to engaging in a recovery programme alongside others who are battling the same illness. This facilitates education about body image, healthy exercise, nutrition and interpersonal issues.
  • Structure: The programme aims to develop a plan for continued treatment through the use of proper after-care planning and relapse prevention.

Outpatient Care

We have found that many of our clients suffering with eating disorders have responded well to our intensive outpatient programme. Fully comprehensive and individualised treatment plans are developed for each of our clients utilising a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, family therapy and other treatments.

Through Imani’s multifaceted approach, outpatients are finding new hope in their lives from the illness that they were suffering with on their own. Due to the severity and complexity of working with eating disorders, in order for a client to qualify for outpatient care they need to complete the inpatient programme prior to attending.

Reintegration Care

Specialising in the field of eating disorders, Imani places a special emphasis on Dual Diagnosis clients and their special needs. These individuals face concurrent, often overlapping problems, and our facility is specially equipped to help these treatment-resistant clients.

Considered by experts in the field to be one of the most successful and innovative methodologies available today, our reintegration programme engages the individual in a process of change, rather than confronting them about their illness.

This powerful long-term intervention plays a crucial role in the treatment of eating disorder and dual diagnosis clients who are in the grip of mental illnesses, various addictions, or both. It allows them to address the most serious root causes of their problem, at their own pace, in a setting that is safe and comfortable.

To engage, embrace and enjoy life are the three gifts of recovery which we wish to impart to each client who enters Imani.