Referring Professionals

Referral Friendly

We make the referral process easy for busy physicians and mental health professionals. Admissions expedited, and we admit clients 7 days a week. Discreet lifting services are available.

Referring professionals are considered as part of our collaborative treatment team. Ongoing communications and progress reports are provided to the degree and depth that each referring professional prefers.

We will contact you within 24 hours of admission to let you know that your patient has arrived. Prior to discharge, we will provide a detailed aftercare plan, to assure a seamless transition of care back to your services.

“I needed groups and therapy specifically orchestrated to bring down the walls that my ED had built up around me and to help me start to see myself in a different way. In other addiction centres certain rituals and ED habits around my food had gone undetected but these were keeping me enslaved.”

Comprehensive Services

Imani is a comprehensive eating disorder and substance abuse treatment facility. In addition sub-acute care, we offer inpatient, residential and outpatient care. We utilise a collaborative multidisciplinary treatment approach with meticulous case management. Our expert medical and clinical staff are education and experienced in a wide-variety of treatment specialities that are necessary to provide individualised, coordinated care.

Clients with associated mental health issues receive concurrent care as part of their individualized treatment plan. We utilize evidence-based treatment, with measurable outcomes.

Effective Treatment

Your patient receives a comprehensive medical, psychiatric and social assessment on arrival. All of our patients also receive a nutritional assessment to help achieve total wellness. Our collaborative team develops a customized care plan, including specific client outcomes. Daily team meetings assure that the client’s care plan is fluid and effective. Our philosophy is to provide results that can be quantified. Clients receive the balance and intensity of individual and group therapy that meets their individual needs. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT), Schema Therapy (ST) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy(DBT) are integrated approaches for each patient. Each level of care emphasizes the life-skills practice and relapse prevention planning. Family education and support is also provided during the treatment process.

To engage, embrace and enjoy life are the three gifts of recovery which we wish to impart to each client who enters Imani.